About Project Track2015:《Unknown Place》 Exhibition

Will time make an alien land your homeland? 
With the rapid development of economy historical and tremendous change, 
nowadays, we travel around the world, leave home to find new opportunities for a better life. 
There's always something to look forward to.

We might easily finger out our position and what we’ve been through in time and space. 
But what we really are if without these scientific measurement scales?
Each step we move forward, each past history gradually collapsed.
Are we moving on or turning back?
What makes our homeland an alien land?

Along within I had lived in Taipei for over decades, short term resident in H.K, Italy, 
and visited many other countries; it feels like I’m in an ungrounded state, 
I'm living in an unknown place just now. 
Maybe we’re all nomads in this modern world; those old good memories do not exist any longer.

《Unknown Place》Exhibition
Dajia Farmer's Association Culture Gallery