Assisi residency work clip

三月份Project Glocal Taipei之後,五月份前往位於義大利Assisi的Arte Ginestrelle駐村。
感謝能有Project Glocal Taipei以及到義大利駐村的機會,讓我先後體驗了一個在地創作者如何與來臺駐村藝術家合作、以及自己到國外駐村創作的雙重經驗,不同觀點收益良多。

Cosa significa “SUONO”? Cosa significa “LUCE”?

Since 2012, one of my sound projects “Sounding” focuses on what people feel about, and how they define sound. Beyond science, I tried to explore the question” what is sound”?
Before arriving in Europe for my first time, I wondered about the qualities of SOUND and LIGHT I would encounter here in this ancient part of the world which contains the origins of Western art.
During my residency in Assisi, I have been touched by all sorts of incredible sounds in churches, nature, and in the villages. In the Basilicas, I have seen glorious light created by the beautiful stained glass windows, and reflected by the wonderful frescoes.
Somehow, those experiences didn’t give me an answer about what is SOUND and LIGHT; on the contrary, it revealed to me a new philosophical and aesthetic perspective.
Everything fades and dies, including LIGHT and SOUND, but sometimes, these ethereal forces are captured and preserved in artworks that offer an eternal quality.
This is especially so within inspired and religious works such as those I have experienced in Italy.