Huang Chung-Ying C.V

Huang Chung-Ying (b. 1981,Taiwan)


Taipei National University of the Arts, 2011
FU-JEN Catholic University, Bachelor of Advertising & Public Relations, 2004

Theater works (Sound designer) 

2015  Relations:Planting Orchid(Feng Dance Theater),Taipei.
2013  Banquet, On Site-Block, Taipei, Taiwan.
2012  Cabinet Anthropomorphique (T.T.C Dance),Taipei,Taiwan.
          Island(Yen-Fang Yu) ,I am Beautiful Facetival,Taipei,Taiwan.
          Next Choreography Project II(Yen-Fang Yu),Taipei,Taiwan.
2011  A Century of Taipei through the eyes of the shutter trio ,Taipei,Taiwan .
         Next Choreography Project(Yen-Fang Yu),Taipei,Taiwan.
2010  Crowded Paradise -The Art Field,Taipei,Taiwan.
         No Exit,Dept. of Philosophy, FJCH Graduation production,Taipei,Taiwan.

Theater works (Director/Writer/Sound designer)

2013  Display 2013,Tainan Art Festival 2013, Tainan,Taiwan.
2012  Display,5th Taipei Fringe Festival,Taipei,Taiwan.

2014  A Letter To Taipei,Lacking Sound Festival 81, Noisy kitchen, Taipei,Taiwan.
2011  Sound, Quote, Uni-, Announce, Tone,4th Taipei Fringe Festival,Taipei,Taiwan.
         Soundings Taiwan,The 1st venue,Lacking Sound Festival 48, Nan-Hai Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan.
2010  Clock Bending,U*SOUND,Taipei Art Village,Taipei,Taiwan.
2009  Clock Bending,Lacking Sound Festival 29, Nan-Hai Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan.
2008  Lost,Lacking Sound Festival 14,Nan-Hai Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan.

2015.06.04─06.29《Unknown Place》,Dajia.
2014.11.30─12.08《International art exhibition 2014》, Le Logge Gallery, Assisi, Italy.

Workshop lecturer
2013  Community Sound Workshop,Digital Art Center,Taipei,Taiwan.
2012  Sound & Film,Digital Art Center,Taipei,Taiwan.
2011  Community Sound Workshop,Digital Art Center,Taipei,Taiwan.

2014  Arte Ginestrelle, Assisi, Italy

2012  5th Taipei Fringe,Most Creative Award,Taipei,Taiwan
2009  Grant of the Contemporary Art Foundation,Taipei-Hong Kong